Machine Halo: Delivering Enterprise Class Vision Services

Businesses have thousands of video cameras but are basically blind. The video itself is not important. It’s the information hidden within the video that matters.

“There are an estimated 500 Million cameras deployed worldwide and that number is expected to double by 2020”  VentureBeat

Welcome to the frontier of interconnected video utilized as a sensor. Our service platform and associated operating system deliver a portfolio of vision applications across enterprise environments. Machine Halo lives at the edge, where vision service happens instantly with up to 80% cost savings over the cloud.

Machine Halo helps your camera see better, enabling your enterprise to adopt a new class of service and business intelligence.

Our Markets

Machine Halo removes complexity in delivering computer vision applications.

We enable a new class of Internet-of-Things (IoT) applications that run on the camera or at the edge.

Connected Retail

Connected Cities & Buildings

Connected Transportation

Connected Agriculture Technology

Connected Oil/Gas/ Utility

Resellers and Channel Partners

Sell and support Machine Halo products, services, and solutions for your customers.

System Integrations

Directly integrate Machine Halo products into your enterprise technology infrastructure.

Artificial Intelligence Vision Application Developers and Providers

Onboard AI Applications onto Machine Halo’s Vision Platform for access to solution and sales channels. Leverage Machine Halo’s image repository to improve the accuracy of vision applications.

Machine Halo is an Authorized Tridium OEM

The Tridium Niagara Framework® enables connection, normalization, integration, and interoperability of diverse devices and equipment into a common environment. Niagara supports multiple embedded platforms and merges multi-vendor systems and real-time enterprise integration into one single,
scalable, extensible platform.


Machine Halo meets the requirements of enterprise customers without the dependencies of cloud services. Our technology is both hardware-and-platform agnostic, capable of delivering an end-to-end vision solution in a multitude of environments.

Enterprise Quality Video Analysis on the Camera or at The Edge

Creating a New Class of IoT Applications